Breeding System

The Onmi breeding system introduces a fascinating layer of strategy and depth to the game's ecosystem by allowing players to combine two Omi avatars to produce offspring. This offspring inherits characteristics from its parents, with the potential for enhanced stats and rarity levels, thus promoting an intricate economy based around lineage and traits optimization. Here's a detailed breakdown of how the breeding mechanism operates:

  1. Four Types of Bodies: Initially, players start with Omi avatars categorized into three distinct types of bodies, each representing a different base for stats and rarity.

  2. Breeding Period: Players must hold onto their Omi for at least two weeks before it becomes eligible for breeding. This holding period ensures a committed engagement with the game and encourages strategic planning for breeding opportunities.

  3. Rarity and Breeding Limits: The ability to breed is influenced by the rarity of the Omi:

  • Rarity 1 Omi can breed once.

  • Rarity 2 Omi are eligible for two breeding cycles.

  • Rarity 3 Omi can go through three breeding iterations.

  • Rarity 4 Omi have the capacity for four breeding cycles.

  1. Cross-Rarity Breeding: There is flexibility in the breeding process, allowing Omi of any rarity to be bred together. This opens up numerous possibilities for players to experiment with combinations to achieve specific outcomes or discover new traits.

  2. Breeding Outcome Formula: The attributes of the offspring are determined by calculating the average of the parents' attributes, with an added element of luck to introduce variability and the potential for unexpected results.

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