Onmi Story

Lore & Setting

In a world where national borders have long since faded away, and artificial intelligence has merged into the fabric of society, transforming from a dream into an integral companion of humanity, the story of the Onmi world is born. This is a tale of the splendor of innovation, where reality and virtuality intertwine, opening limitless opportunities for adventures and discoveries.

The invitation to this new world comes from Vivi, a virtual guide embodying the finest achievements of Reality 2.0. Vivi serves as a bridge between the known and the unknown, leading the player through the gates into Onmi—a world where technology and the human desire to learn and explore create an inexhaustible source of possibilities.

Onmi is a borderless utopia where everyone becomes a pioneer, despite the absence of usual limitations and boundaries. Here, players are tasked with assembling a team of virtual beings, Omi, who will not only assist in research but also unlock new forms of communication. The world is filled with mysteries hidden in Orbs, waiting for their explorers.

With the very first orb, shimmering as a harbinger of new beginnings, players embark on a path of exploration. Choosing the first Omi is not just selecting an assistant; it's defining the direction of further journey in the Onmi world, where everyone can fully realize their potential.

Every Omi, starting from a basic level of awareness, is capable of learning and development. Players are expected to invest their knowledge and creative potential into their Omi, enhancing their abilities and adapting their appearances, to jointly discover new horizons.

In the Onmi world, where every resource matters, players learn to value the connection with nature, extracting materials through intellectual tasks, making each achievement meaningful. These materials will become the foundation for creating unique items, including clothing, which not only emphasizes the player's individuality but also reflects their aspiration for harmony with the surrounding world.

Thus, the journey in the Onmi world becomes a symbol of limitless possibilities, where every step leads to new discoveries. In this world, where technology serves as a bridge to a better future, stories of adventures and discoveries fill life with vivid colors, reminding us that the future is a place where dreams become reality.

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