Composition of the Player Inventory

Players within the Onmi platform have the capability to acquire and maintain an array of valuable assets, each serving distinct purposes in the game's economy and mechanics:


These are the primary crafting resources, essential for creating various items and gear within the game. They are obtained through regular gameplay, such as Orb collection and event participation.


A rarer form of crafting resource, minerals are crucial for creating items. Their scarcity adds a layer of strategic depth to the crafting system.


As part of the Onmi fashion system, players can collect articles of clothing for their Omi. These items are not only aesthetic enhancements but also may confer stat bonuses or other in-game advantages.


Players can obtain Bags that contain clothing. The contents of these boxes are unknown until they are unlocked, which requires a certain expenditure of ONM tokens. This mechanic introduces an element of chance and anticipation in the acquisition of new apparel.


These kind of goods have various attributes and are used in special missions & challenges against other players, contributing to a rich and competitive game ecosystem.

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