The First Ten Levels

The specific features accessible at each level of player development

Level 1: The Digital Debut

You embark on your virtual adventure in the world of Onmi, where mystical Orbs and rare minerals await their discoverer. NPCs Vivi and Kaylo will be your first guides in this new and exciting world.

  • Friends and Community: By finishing the level, you will not only meet new characters but also be able to add three new friends to the game, expanding your social circle.

  • Game Currency: Collecting Orbs will not just add excitement to the game but also enrich you with 300 ONM at the first level and an additional 5000 ONM for completing a bonus quest.

  • Personalization: At this stage, you will start to decorate your profile, receiving the first two attribute points to enhance the characteristics of your Omi.

Level 2: The Secret Future

With each level, the world of Onmi reveals new secrets. On the second level, you will delve into developing your Omis, using resource management skills and expanding your virtual "self."

  • Skill Improvement: The development of your Omi's skills will become your priority, allowing you to explore and use new features and abilities.

  • Financial Independence: Accumulating 800 ONM in your wallet demonstrates your ability to manage in-game finances effectively. Achievements:

  • Finding and mining 30 metals will open up new possibilities for you to create and improve items in the game.

Level 3: The Weekly Orb Marathon

The third level presents a weekly challenge that will test your ability to collect an increasingly large number of orbs within a limited time.

  • Competitive Spirit: Participating in the orb collection marathon will make you strategically plan your game to maximize rewards.

  • Progressive Rewards: The more orbs collected, the more ONM. This encourages not just activity but also the desire to improve results with each week.

  • Seasonal Adaptation: With each new season, you will face new conditions and challenges, making the game dynamic and always relevant.

Level 4: Strategic Depth and Future Content

  • Provisional access to "Napies" and a preview of upcoming Party Orbs, preparing players for future content.

Level 5: Itemization and Disassembly

  • Access to Lvl.4 Item Orbs, boosters, and boxes.

  • Ability to disassemble clothing items, adding a layer to the fashion ecosystem.

Level 6: Cooperative and Competitive Mechanics

  • Introduction of Party Orbs with auction and Orb Hunt mechanics, enhancing cooperative play.

Level 7: Fashion Frontier

  • Access to Lvl.5 Clothes Orbs, expanding the array of fashion customization options.

Level 8: Strategic Trapping

  • Ability to deploy Spiked Orbs, adding strategic complexity to resource collection.

Level 9: Legacy and Lineage

  • Permission to engage in Omi breeding, influencing the lineage and traits of future Omi generations.

Level 10: Elite Challenges and Recognition

  • Eligibility for The Grand Final Qualification, offering challenges for unique titles and recognition within the Onmi community.

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