The Grand Final

The pinnacle of competition

The Grand Final within Onmi serve as the ultimate competitive arena, staged four times a year to align with the seasons. Entrance is granted either through purchase or by ranking in the top 100 on any leaderboard, emphasizing a blend of skill and commitment. Funded by the stabilization fund, prize pools start at approximately $100k, escalating to $1m-$1.5m, highlighting the event's prestige and lucrative potential.

The event sprawls across 20 cities, ensuring equality in participation area sizes. Participants hunt for invisible orbs, guided by device vibrations, in an hour-long challenge that intensifies as the play zone diminishes. Every ten minutes, the lowest 10% on the leaderboard are eliminated, adding a thrilling layer of strategy. Spectators are engaged through betting, enhancing the communal experience.

This format elevates The Grand Final to the apex of competitive play in Onmi, blending skill, strategy, and endurance. More details about The Grand Final, including specific participation guidelines and enhancements to spectator engagement, will be released closer to the event dates, ensuring participants and fans alike can prepare for an unparalleled competitive experience.

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