Futuristic Integration & Global Expansion

2026—2028 years

2026: Advanced Interactivity and Global Reach

  • Q1: Launch of 'Dynamic Environment Interaction' feature, allowing players to influence and alter game environments in real-time using AR technology.

  • Q2: Introduction of 'Global Cultural Festivals,' a series of AR-powered events, celebrating diverse cultures and integrating them into gameplay, fostering global user connectivity.

  • Q3: Implementation of 'Real-Time Social Media Integration,' seamlessly blending popular social media platforms within the game for enhanced social interaction and content sharing.

  • Q4: Expansion into new global markets, focusing on untapped regions. Target to reach 500,000 MAU with a focus on maintaining high user engagement and satisfaction.

2027: AI-Driven Personalization and Eco-Gaming

  • Q1: Integration of AI-driven personalization, offering tailored gaming experiences based on individual player behaviors and preferences.

  • Q2: Launch of 'Eco-Gaming Initiatives,' promoting environmental awareness through in-game activities, including virtual cleanup drives and AR-based educational campaigns.

  • Q3: Introduction of 'Cross-Platform Gaming Capabilities,' enabling players to engage with Onmi across different digital devices seamlessly.

  • Q4: Hosting the first 'Onmi Global Summit,' an event combining virtual and physical elements, showcasing advancements in AR technology and future gaming trends.

2028: Virtual Reality Integration and Expansion into New Realms

  • Q1: 'Virtual Reality (VR) Integration' to offer a more immersive gaming experience, blending AR and VR elements.

  • Q2: Launch of 'Onmi's Creator Economy,' a platform for players and creators to monetize their in-game creations and collaborations.

  • Q3: 'Inter-Game Connectivity Feature' introduction, allowing players to interact and exchange resources with players from other AR games.

  • Q4: Development of 'Onmi's Futuristic City Project,' a virtual representation of future cities, offering players a unique urban exploration experience.

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