Strategic Development & Feature-Driven Growth

2020—2025 years

2020-2023: Foundational Years

Idea Emergence

During the Covid lockdown, Onmi is conceptualized to merge the physical and digital worlds using XR technology.

Strategic Planning

Development of a comprehensive strategy including market entry, community building, and partnerships. This phase focuses on creating a user-centric and engaging gaming platform.

2023: Establishing Core Mechanics and Expanding Partnerships

  • Q1: Development of Onmi’s core gameplay mechanics and foundational principles. This stage involves detailed planning of the game’s unique interactive elements.

  • Q2: Critical business and development decisions are made, shaping the project's direction. Focus on establishing key partnerships to enhance game content and user experience.

  • Q3-Q4: Finalization of crucial documents like Onmi’s Whitepaper and a detailed product roadmap. Development of an intricate game economy and scaling strategies for the project team.

2024: Launch, Expansion, and User Growth

  • Q1: Execution of the Go-to-Market strategy. Launch of the initial phase for early access and community engagement. Introduction of the first series of fashion and artist collaborations.

  • Q2: Official launch of Onmi on Google Play and Apple App Store. Introduction of ONM token, incorporating a comprehensive tokenomics model. Release of the "Zero Collection" for in-game crafting.

  • Q3: Introduction of Onmi Routes, enhancing the user's journey and interaction within the game. Launch of "Naipes," a strategic PVP card game. ONM token listed on various exchanges.

  • Q4: Global hosting of The Hunger Games tournament, introducing competitive gaming at its finest. A new ranking system is introduced to recognize player skill and dedication. Introduction of a novel gameplay feature focusing on territorial strategy and player cooperation. By the end of 2024, Onmi is projected to reach 100,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU), indicating significant user engagement and growth.

2025: Advancing Towards Reality 2.0

  • Q1: Launch of 'onmi spots' for enhanced player interaction. Integration of a basic narrative to enrich the gaming experience. Initiation of the 'onmi for creators' program, inviting third-party content creation.

  • Q2: Incorporation of wearable AR devices, transitioning towards a more immersive Reality 2.0 experience. Enhancement of gameplay with customizable Orbs based on player inputs.

  • Q3: Expansion of AR features, including interactive activities like sculpting. Enhancement of the Omi experience in AR, bringing a new dimension to digital fashion.

  • Q4: Development of main storylines and ARGs, encouraging exploration across real and virtual worlds. Focus on unveiling mysteries and key story elements to keep players engaged.

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